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Our aim at Lean Productivity Solutions Limited is to provide your business with a streamlined productivity process solution by using Lean, Six Sigma and Industrial Engineering techniques. From producing accurate time standards through to the delivery of tailor-made productivity improvement projects which are designed to maximise efficiency, reduce costs and optimise resources of your business.
Projects can be a one off or part of a long term objective. Lean Productivity Solutions Limited will select the right people with the experience, qualifications and expertise from a wide variety of business sectors to help you reach your maximum potential.

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Work Measurement is an important part of any business. People associate work measurement within manufacturing or production, but it can be used in many other sectors including warehouses….. Read more here...


Lean Six Sigma increases your business revenue by streamlining processes.Streamlined processes result in products or services that are completed faster and more efficiently at no cost to quality…… Read more here...

Once you make your initial contact we at Lean Productivity Solutions Limited will advise you on what your requirements are and source the most cost effective answer to suit your needs. The above services can and are used in the following sectors Automotive, Aviation, Distribution, Government, Heavy Equipment Industry, Hospitality & Tourism, Logistics, Manufacturing, Modular Building, Postal Service and Retail, to name a few.

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